Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCAs)

Online state mandated testing dates for the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCAs) for students in grades 3-8 in the self contained program with mental health services co-located in the school day for the Fergus Falls Area Special Education Cooperative’s #935 classrooms will be April 24 – 28, 2023. Grades 3-8 will test in the areas of Reading and Math and grades 5 and 8 will additionally test in the area of Science.

Click here to view the testing schedule.

Click here to view MDE’s Parent Guardian Guide and Refusal for Student Participation in Statewide Testing document.

Applicable and individualized accommodations per IEP decisions for these tests will be available for students requiring the accommodations.

Estimated test administration times provided below:

2016-17 Estimated Test Administration Times for Science MCA2016-17 Estimated Test Administration Times for Reading MCA2016-17 Estimated Test Administration Times for Mathematics MCA

Minnesota Test of Academic Skills (MTAS) is an alternate assessment based on alternate achievement standards for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities.  The MTAS measures reading, mathematics and science skills that are linked to the general education curriculum.  Estimated MTAS test administration times are:

Reading MTAS                   45-90 minutes
Mathematics MTAS            30-60 minutes
Science MTAS                    30-60 minutes