SpEd Forms – Progress Reports – Excel Template Instructions (For districts not using Google)

If you need to do a Progress Report for a student that DOES NOT have a new IEP yet in SpEd Forms this year, we have created Excel Templates you can use for the progress report.

Please email Sue Lewis (suelewis@fergusotters.org) to request the Excel spreadsheets for Progress Reports and which district(s) you work with – I will email the spreadsheets to you.

Service Providers, not case managing the student, you will create a progress report for your goals only.  Print 2 copies of your progress report for the case manager (and will give 1 copy that will be mailed to the parent/guardian and 1 copy for the file)

If you case manage the student:  You will create a progress report for your goals only. Service providers will give you a progress report with their goals (2 copies).

  • You will receive progress reports from service providers that include the service provider’s goals only.
  • You’ll need to have 2 copies of each progress report – 1 to mail to the parent/guardian and 1 copy for the file.
  • Please scan the progress reports to a .PDF file and upload the .PDF to the student’s History folder in SpEd Forms

To start a Progress Report (not in SpEd Forms) using an Excel spreadsheet progress report template:

Open the Excel spreadsheet – you can choose between a spreadsheet that has up to 5 goals or a spreadsheet with 10 goals.

Rename the spreadsheet with the student’s initials, the text “Progress Report” and the progress report date. Example:  AK Progress report 11-5-2020.

Boxes colored light gray are fields for you to complete. Enter the student information (rows 8-12) and then you can either type in the goal text and objectives or copy them and paste them into the proper rows. Be sure to check the box to indicate the progress on the goal and type in and date your progress report comment for the goal.

If you need more than 9 objectives for a goal, copy an existing objective row, insert a blank row where you need a new objective and paste the copied objective in the new row. If you need less than 9 objectives for a goal, you can delete the rows for unused objectives.

If there are more goal boxes than you need, you can delete the unused rows.

When you’ve finished the progress report, print 2 copies.  If you are a service provider, give both copies to the case manager.

For the next student, you can download the Excel spreadsheet for progress reports from my email to get a new, fresh progress report.