SpEd Forms – Training and Tech Tips

Website for SpEd Forms:  https://16.spedforms.org/0935

We are using a new forms program, SpEd Forms, starting in the 20-21 school year. Our users can complete training for SpEd Forms online, links to the four online learning components are listed below:

If you are a case manager, you will follow the training steps for setting up your team. Case Managers will have students in their student list. Student lists will be updated when you are able to send an email to Tracy with any changes for case managers that need to happen for your school. The most recent IPE, ER, PWN ad progress reports from Student Plans have been uploaded to the History area in SpEd Forms for your students so you have access to those documents in SpEd Forms.

Remember that all NEW documents will be generated in SpEd Forms this Fall.

List of Minnesota School Districts using SpEd Forms